Who are we

In Portugal since 2004

Born in Lisboa in July 2004, Mobilwave decided from the first day, to set on the Heathcare Sector, knowing the extraordinary open field IT has to bring value to its providers and professionals.

Mobilwave’s solutions and services gives emphasis to priority areas:

  • Real value added to healthcare providers and professionals
  • Permanent contextualization
  • Innovation
  • Short learning curve and easy to use
  • Quality and reliability
  • Integration and interoperability

Maximize the value added is to provide the accurate information to each user, at each moment and in each context, through a quick, intuitive and safe access.

Mobilwave sets into simple solutions, focused on the essential instead of going around accessories, identifying what is important and needed at all times, making easier the complex day-to-day, reducing the maintenance costs and shortening the stopping times and the investment requirements, although improving reliability, security and the quality of information.

The clinical process is our mission. On the center of this architecture is DOCbase, a complete set of solutions for hospital and practice management, matching the most demanding requirements of a modern and diversified healthcare unit.

For clinical areas, DOCbase has a set of medical specialties solutions, with its techniques and exams, that are a part of a functional and technological common centerpiece.

The specific needs of each user and each context, as opposed to a general approach