DOCbase for occupational medicine

Complete clinical chart

DOCbase solution for Occupational medicine is complete from de clinical point of view, providing the following main characteristics:

  • Easy and quick access to the complete patient’s clinical chart
  • Patient’s clinical summary for a quick shortened information
  • History of past clinical acts
  • Register and follow-up of ICD-9 or ICD-10 codification problems
  • Work accidents register
  • International terminologies and codifications
  • Allergies and risk groups
  • Save all kinds of clinical documents into the patient's clinical chart
  • Clinical history and clinical plans
  • Register and evolutional analysis of the surveillance variables
  • Attests and certifications
  • Controlling medication and monitoring
  • Request of medical exams and medical analysis including profiles for an easier search and selection
  • Nursing with its own clinical acts
  • Management of pre-scheduling regular consultations with reports for HRs or production coordination
  • Statistics and dashboards
  • Personal identification chart
  • Management professionals’ agendas, etc

And, specifically from DOCbase occupational medicine:

  • Schedule’s preparation by day and by professional
  • Occupational medicine examinations (doctor and nurse sectors)
  • Medical fitness
  • Cause/reason
  • Neuro-motor and musculoskeletal evaluation
  • Biometric data and vital signs
  • Register of procedures done with automatic accounting
  • Quick tests
  • Blood sampling
  • Special examinations, …