Value added solutions

Mobilwave is a specialized in the development of value added solutions for healthcare providers and professionals.

The accurate implementation of IT solutions frequently involves bigger or smaller interventions, backwards or forwards, when having in mind to solve problems effectively and improving value.

That way, the need of intervention from highly prepared consultants with established skills and experiences, is key to a achieve success on an investment.

Conscious of those principals and compromised with enhancing value for its clients, Mobilwave has been developing consultation skills in several areas and establishing partnerships with national and international consultancy experts specialized in a number of skills, to be able to give a wide and competent response to complex changes:

  • Process re-engineering and change management
  • Development plans
  • Clinical management
  • Pharmacology
  • Complex management of professionals’ schedules
  • Infra-structures and equipment
  • Professional services to providers in an outsourcing status