The clinical features

Clinically complete

DOCbase is a solution designed for healthcare providers and professionals, structured, complete and prepared to work on a standalone basis or as a functional center of its architecture.


Being responsible for managing a unique patients database, DOCbase has its functionality based on the user’s profile:

  • Manager
  • Doctor
  • Nurse
  • Health technician
  • Administrative

DOCbase covers the different clinical specialties. Designed for a total adaptation to each clinical practice, it is easy to learn and use.

  • Consultations and all other clinical acts set by specialty
  • A complete patient’s clinical record always updated and present
  • A concise clinical history of the patient
  • Integration with all other modules of DOCbase’ s Clinical Specialties Platform
  • International codings usage
  • Allergies and risk groups controlled
  • Surveillance variables controlled
  • Easy saving of all kinds of relevant documents into the patient’s file
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic protocols available
  • All the material sent to lab is followed and controlled
  • Medication prescription and monitoring
  • Request of diagnostic exams and analysis, including profiles for easy selection
  • Nursing with its own specific acts
  • Multiple statistics and dashboards
  • Consumptions control and stock management

DOCbase is designed to be easily adapted and learn, so that the professional can profit almost immediately. With automated processes and providing the relevant information and options at any context in a perfectly clear and intuitive way, it allows effective reduction of time spent at the day-by-day tasks, assuring the user both quality and safety. The clinical record at DOCbase is not a generic one. It is well organized according to the particularities of each clinical act.

For nursing:

  • All nursing clinical acts, treatments, ..
  • Clinical notes
  • Personal and family background
  • Standardize surveys and scores
  • Images record
  • Procedures and used material, …

Patient’s house calls, drugs administration, consultations, etc, can be configured, each one with each own particularities.