DOCbase anesthesia

Designed for the anesthesiologist

DOCbase anesthesia supports the anesthesia consultation and all the phases of pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative workflow, has well as all the other anesthetic interventions. Complementing its information with the ones coming from the different external systems and the most common gear on which it is connected, the DOCbase anesthesia is a complete, inclusive and easily used solution for doctors and nurses.

Special reference to the following features:

  • Structured filling based on the surgery protocol related to the patient by the anesthesiologist to simplify accessing the information in every phase of the process, from the pre-anesthetics consultation to the medical discharge.
  • Integrated evaluation on pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative
  • Post-operative anesthetics evaluation – acute pain protocol
  • Register all activity of the anesthetist including the request of medical exams and medical analysis, obstetrics, trauma and RCR
  • Integration with all relevant context systems, namely the HIS, the Labs, the pharmacy, the ventilators, etc
  • Extensive statistics and dashboards for a complete and permanent visualization of the service activity from the clinical and the production perspectives
  • Creation of medication profiles for the intra-operative, ACU and PACU